Registration Information


The registration fee is JPY 35000 for each participant. The fee includes the cost for the proceedings, the banquet on Apr 25 and lunches on Apr 24 and 25.

We provide a discount for early registration and students. The exact fees are the following. The early registration deadline is Mar 13 (UTC).

Early Registration Late Registration
Regular JPY 30000 JPY 35000
Student JPY 18000 JPY 20000
EUR 1 = JPY 142 (on Feb 1)
USD 1 = JPY 117 (on Feb 1)

Accommodation Booking

We also arrange accommodation booking with the registration. The accommodation we arrange is Fuji Institute of Education and Training (FujiKen) where the conference itself is held. Of course, FujiKen is the most convenient accommodation for FLOPS 2006.

FujiKen has 2 types of rooms, shared rooms and private rooms. While a private room is just a usual hotel room, a shared room is shared by 5 or 6 persons. A shared room is quite popular in Japan and has a better view of Mt. Fuji.

If you would like to book a room of FujiKen, please send a request along with the application of registration. We have prepared a large number of rooms for early registering participants but the number is finite. So, we adopt the traditional fair policy, "first come, first served."

Since a reservation is required for having a meal at FujiKen, we also arrange meal booking. The prices of the meals and the room charges are the following. In the table, any room rate includes Breakfast and tax. No extra service charge is needed.

Room Rate (/ Person & Night) Meal Price
Shared JPY 5355 Lunch JPY 945
Private JPY 7980 Dinner JPY 1470
(Twin Use)
JPY 6510 Banquet JPY 8000

How to Register

One can register through the online application page. The amount of your registration fee has to be paid in advance by credit card. Since payment by credit card is handled by JTB Corp., you need to send your credit card number to JTB by FAX. If you do not have a credit card, you can remit the amount by international bank transfer alternatively.

Advance registration was closed at the end of Apr 10 (UTC). If you do not need our accommodation booking, we will accept your on-site registration.

What You Do What FLOPS Do
You send a request from the application page.
FLOPS tries to book rooms based on your request.
FLOPS sends a payment sheet by e-mail after booking.
You send the sheet with your credit card information to JTB via FAX.
FLOPS handles your payment with JTB.
(It might take about a week or more. We are very sorry for taking a lot of time.)
Registration is completed!

When you understand this flowchart, please start registration by visiting the application page. Note that FLOPS will send a confirmation e-mail for each step, so a usual participant will receive 3 e-mails by the finish of registration.

Cancellation Policy

If one would like to cancel his registration, he needs to inform us until Apr 10. The cancellation fee is JPY 10000 for regular registration and JPY 5000 for student registration. Cancellation of the accommodation booking follows the policy of Fuji Institute of Education and Training.


If you have any question or problem, please contact Local Arrangement Team <> via e-mail.