Local Information


The meeting will be held at Fuji Institute of Education and Training (FujiKen) located in Fuji Susono, JAPAN, where the first FLOPS was held. It is famous for its view of Mt. Fuji.



Mt. Fuji is about 300 km east from Kyoto and about 150 km west from Tokyo. Any proper route from an airport to the conference site consists of 3 parts.

  1. from Airport to City
  2. from City Station to Local Station
  3. from Station to FujiKen (conference site)

from Airport to City

In Japan, there are 4 main international airports, HANEDA (Tokyo), NARITA (Tokyo), KANSAI (Osaka) and CENTRAIR (Nagoya). Each airport has several access routes to its nearest city. Please remember that each route takes about 30--60 minuites or more.

By express is the most popular and comfortable way. By local train is more economical but not so comfortable because it takes much time and many passengers are taking trains around the city. By limousine bus is another comfortable way, whose fare is not so different from express one. Taking a taxi from an airport is not a good idea in Japan because it will cost too much.

from City Station to Local Station

If you come from the west side of Japan, first, you should aim at NAGOYA Station. If you come from the east side of Japan, first, you should aim at TOKYO Station.

The station nearest to FujiKen is IWANAMI Station and the nearest Shinkansen station is MISHIMA. Since most of participants will come via Shinkansen, FLOPS provides a free shuttle bus from MISHIMA Station to FujiKen.

We note that 3 kinds of Tokaido-Shinkansen exist. KODAMA stops at every station in the Shinkansen line. Some HIKARI stop at MISHIMA but most HIKARI pass through MISHIMA. Any NOZOMI never stops at MISHIMA. FLOPS participants must use KODAMA or appropriate HIKARI.

It might be possible to see an easy route and a difficult route as a red color and a blue color, respectively.

from Station to FujiKen

FLOPS provides a free shuttle bus from MISHIMA Station to FujiKen at 4 pm. and 6 pm. on Apr 23 and from FujiKen to MISHIMA Station at the end of the conference on Apr 26. A free shuttle bus will not run on other days.


There is few hotels around the conference site other than FujiKen itself. FLOPS 2006 arranges a booking for a room of FujiKen together with the conference registration. Please read the registration page, too.

If you would like to stay at another hotel, please make a reservation by yourself. There are several hotels around NUMAZU Station and much more hotels around MISHIMA Station. The web sites listed below in this page might help you to book a hotel.

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