Focus of FLOPS

FLOPS is a forum for research on all issues concerning declarative programming, including functional programming and logic programming, and aims to promote cross-fertilization between the two paradigms. Previous FLOPS meetings were held in Fuji Susono (1995), Shonan Village (1996), Kyoto (1998), Tsukuba (1999), Tokyo (2001), Aizu(2002), and Nara (2004).

FLOPS solicits original papers in all areas of functional and logic programming, including (but not limited to):

Declarative Pearls:
new and excellent declarative programs with illustrative applications;
Language issues:
language design and constructs, programming methodology, integration of paradigms, interfacing with other languages, type systems, constraints, concurrency and distributed computing;
logic and semantics, rewrite systems and narrowing, type theory, proof systems;
Implementation issues:
compilation techniques, memory management, program analysis and transformation, partial evaluation, parallelism;
case studies, real-world applications, graphical user interfaces, internet applications, XML, databases, formal methods, and model checking.

For 2006, we wish to particularly encourage papers on new application areas, including security, bioinformatics, and quantum computation.

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